How to Make Friends(?) on Trips


I have finally finished Fire Emblem: Birthright, so I had the time to make a new blog post! However, I will soon be purchasing Fire Emblem: Revelation, so I may disappear for another period of time…

So according to my questionably accurate tracking system, this is Day 15 of my 2015 Asia Trip. Day 15 is also one of the most boring days, because I spent most of it on a train from Busan to Seoul. So instead of writing about how I slept and played Ace Attorney for 5 hours, I will write about my roommates during my second night in Busan.

I was disappointed to find that I was going to have the aforementioned roommates, because on my first night, I had the entire room to myself. The two new girls were from China, and because I don’t speak Mandarin and they didn’t understand Cantonese, we had to make due with their broken English, which was definitely enough for me to realize that they were, well, quite interesting…


K-pop fans! I was finally forced into a situation where it was mandatory for me to bust out any K-pop knowledge that I had to look cool.


Apparently having the same favourite member makes you auto-buddies.



They proceeded to ask me about all my favourite bands and discuss who was the prettiest/sexiest/hottest out of all the members. I thought I was doing pretty well until they started telling me about all the concerts and plays they had been to for their favourite idols (I live on the other side of the world, it’s not my fault). They even told me a story about how they camped outside the JYP office and caught glimpses of 2PM as they were leaving the building. One girl raved about how Wooyoung (her fave, it seems), smiled and waved at her, and how she wanted to die on the inside. The other girl, who I guess was not as impressed at Wooyoung, went on to describe how her favourite was Taecyeon (or as she called him, the “Muscle Man”), strong bicep pose included.

So here is the summary of what I learned that day:

  1. Apparently it is possible to make friends while I am trying to escape conversation because I really need to go to the bathroom
  2. K-pop fans are everywhere
  3. K-pop fans are also very entertaining to talk to
  4. But they are still very intimidating to talk to if you don’t have the same biases
  5. No matter what I do, I cannot top them on the intensity scale of K-pop fandoms



After arriving in Seoul, I had another round of fried chicken, so here is an obligatory photo:


Food Update: After a trip to Ottawa in February (in -44 weather because I am great at planning), I had a sudden obsession to make my own bagels (thank you, Kettleman’s Bagels). So with a few friends (if you guys want links to your blogs/tumblrs/whatever then let me know), we made a big batch of relatively successful bagels!


featuring: Cinnamon Raisin and Herb(?) and Cheese! I modified a recipe that I took from here.

Anyways, I will see you all after I finish Fire Emblem (maybe)


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